4 Reasons to Marry a Vietnamese Girl

Are you planning on marrying a Vietnamese woman? Many Chinese women and Vietnamese brides worldwide are most often engaged in online short term marriages or contract marriage with other men. Some Vietnamese men and women married to foreign men are not willing to get divorced, even after being married for years. It is a sad but common story.

But, there are some exceptions to this rule. An acquaintance of mine, who is originally from Vietnam, met his future wife in a complete surprise when they became pen pals in 2003. I am guessing that most people in the world, especially those in Asia, would not have been expecting such a meeting. Nonetheless, he fell in love with her in spite of his preconceived ideas about Vietnam and Vietnamese culture. This makes me think that there are some real advantages to getting married through an agency.

For one thing, it is easy to find local Vietnamese brides through these services. I live in California and there are many Vietnamese American, as well as Vietnamese Canadian, who are willing to get married here. There is a significant cultural difference between the customs and norms observed in the United States and Canada, and in Vietnam. A Vietnamese bride will be treated with respect even by the locals in the marriage ceremony. Even if you live in a big fancy community, it is unlikely that you will encounter any harassment or violence at the wedding.

1. Another advantage is the language barrier

Just about everyone who comes to the United States or Canada to visit, wants to experience a different culture. They speak English, not Vietnamese, so they do not miss out on any traditions, beliefs, or norms, and are free to do what they like when they get home. With Vietnamese brides, there is no such language barrier, so you are not missing out on anything. You can visit Vietnamese communities in order to witness how the bride is treated, and how she is dressed. The social class of Vietnamese families is very different from our own.

2. Vietnamese brides usually wed husbands from other cultures

In addition, Vietnamese brides usually wed husbands from other cultures, such as Canada, Japan, or even the United States. Most Asian brides travel to the Mekong Delta in China to wed their husbands. My husband’s ancestors came over the border to Vietnam many centuries ago, and we have adopted a lot of their customs. My husband and his ancestors were treated extremely well by the Vietnamese people. Since my husband’s family is mostly Vietnamese, I know there is no reason why Vietnamese men should not marry Vietnamese women.

3. The lack of social stigma attached

The third major factor is the lack of social stigma attached to foreign women marrying men from other countries. Since most men in Vietnam are Buddhist, there is no problem with foreign wives bearing cultural identity. Furthermore, religion does not play such a role in these marriages. Many foreign women and their husbands in Vietnam have children who speak English, French, or German, and so their culture is blended into the marriage. Gender roles are also very different in Vietnam compared to those in the United States or Canada. Both the husband and wife typically hold a high social position in the family, so there is no issue with adjusting gender roles.

The fourth reason is that the government encourages and facilitates cross-cultural marriages between Vietnamese females and foreign men. This is not as common as the previous reasons, but it does happen. For example, some years ago there were reports of Vietnamese brides marrying foreign men from the United Kingdom. Currently, there are even more news stories about foreign women marrying Vietnamese females.

Overall, it can be said that there are plenty of reasons why marriages between foreign citizens and Vietnamese females are becoming more commonplace in both locations. These include strong religious foundations in both countries, the willingness of both sides to stay true to their own cultures, and the free movement of people and goods across the borderlands. It also benefits the children of the marriages, who grow up knowing just a little about both countries and are exposed to a whole host of opportunities. Whether you are planning a wedding right here in the USA or planning a wedding on the other side of the world, you should not hesitate to consider a marriage between two Vietnamese girls or a Vietnamese boy.

Tips in Finding a Vietnamese Bride Through Mail Order Brides

Thanks to the large number of online Vietnamese women seeking men, there are now lots of dating sites that cater to the needs of these Vietnamese brides. In fact, there have already been hundreds of such sites launched in the last few years. You may wonder why there are so many dating sites now proliferating on the internet, aside from the fact that there are lots of Vietnamese women seeking partners abroad. The answer is pretty simple – namely that there are lots of men who want to marry Vietnamese women.

The first step to start with online Vietnamese dating sites is to sign up. The process can be very easy, and most of these sites offer free registration. Once you have signed up, you may already create your own personal account or search for a compatible member within the site. You may as well begin browsing through profiles to find out if there are any available Vietnamese brides to date.

Most Vietnamese women who seek a Japanese man tend to prefer foreign men who speak their language fluently. In addition, they usually prefer men who are physically attractive. In particular, Vietnamese women are attracted to young and handsome Japanese men. But there are also some cases when older ladies from Japan and Korea to seek out younger Japanese men. Older women from Asia may sometimes prefer to have a younger Japanese boyfriend, while the younger generation of Japanese men prefer the older Asian lady because she’s already a part of their own culture.

Most Asian brides prefer to use online dating sites to find their Japanese partner, because doing so allows them to stay in the comfort of their own home and feel more relaxed. Moreover, it makes it easier for them to maintain a long distance relationship because they can easily communicate with their Asian boyfriends or with their Japanese Vietnamese counterpart using chat rooms, internet voice chats and email. If you are one of those people who are interested in finding a Japanese woman, you might be interested to read on this article. This article will provide you with tips on how to locate excellent Vietnamese brides online.

There are many professional agencies that offer services for finding foreign wives. Typically, these agencies are comprised of professionally trained personnel who are fluent in Japanese and able to converse with their clients effectively. Their database contains detailed information about the nationality and age of the possible bride as well as the cultural preferences of the possible groom. These agencies typically provide the necessary background checks as well as financial and legal consultation on how to wed a Japanese woman. When hiring a specialist agency, be sure to check their background and credentials so you’ll be certain that the agency you’re going to deal with is legitimate and can provide you the necessary assistance.

Another way of meeting a Vietnamese bride is by means of Japanese internet dating websites. There are countless number of these dating sites which specialize in dating foreign women. You may choose to register with a local agency so you will have access to their local group of member who is readily available to personally cater to your needs. You will also have the convenience of choosing an age-specific dating site wherein you may find a match according to your preference. In addition, most of the local agencies conduct free screening for members to assure that they are only dealing with genuine women.

You may also opt to use online tools that help you find a Vietnamese woman. The internet has indeed made dating simpler, faster and more convenient. A simple Google search can already provide you with a list of local brides in your area and their contact information. You can also use social networking websites to connect with other like-minded people who share the same interest with you in finding a Vietnamese bride. This method is fast, convenient, and safe while at the same time gives you more leeway in screening possible Vietnamese women.

Lastly, if you prefer to be guided by experts, consider meeting with a local Vietnamese bride who is already married. Since you will be meeting her at her home, you can be sure that she is not looking for a man just to impress others. Most brides have personal maids who care for them in their spare time. So if you opt to meet a mail-order new bride, make sure that she is also taking good care of her people. These are only some of the tips in finding the right Vietnamese bride for you.

October 2022